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TOPIC: Distractions

The Year 2000 bug is blown out of all Proportion, giving an excuse to stockpile and call out the Marines, distracting the populace with Dire Warnings when The Fix is in fact Known and at hand. Global Warming does not stand up to scientific Scrutiny either, so a new Climate Pattern is proferred and drought blamed on Urban Sprawl. NASA's Magnestar Theory is used to explain magnetic disturbances, or alternatively the Sun's Magnetism causing Global Warming and Magnetic Storms on earth. Solar Flares, Sun Spots, and CMEs in an 11 year Solar Cycle which should be No Big Deal, a fact even NASA Admits. Anticipated Tsunamis are underplayed while monitoring Volcanos begins. Are Hale-Bopp or Comet Lee or a Neutron Star the millennium comet or a distraction (Denied by JPL) from the approach of the 12th Planet? C/1997 K2 was brighter, but ignored! Are Near Earth Asteroids such as QW20007 or 2001 PM9 a Threat requiring action in Britain and Russia or a Desensitization tool for the Pending Disasters and Devastation that a pole shift would bring? Alternative excuses are also given for a possible Giant Wave caused by Plate Shifts and newly issued warnings on Earthquakes. A newly discovered Rogue Planet is termed a star by NASA, but pointing the public to Orion continues.