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TOPIC: Martial Law

To effect Martial Law in the US, the New World Order need only create a Panic Excuse or a Terrorism Excuse, real or Potential, an Outside Threat such as the FBI Warning for New Year's Eve, 2000. Other countries, such as the UK are ready to follow suit with UK Martial Law. There is evidence that flight TWA800 (downed by a Missile), an Anthrax Scare, and the OKC Bombing (where a soldier's leg was found) were engineered situations. FEMA, manned by political Appointees, is authorized to take over, in spite of the Posse Comitatus laws. The US was placed in a continuing State of Emergency in 1994, and a Rapid Deployment force is ready to act in the US. The War Powers Act of 1933 positioned citizens as the enemy, and has never been repealed. Erosion of Constitutional Rights has occurred under the gise of a potential National Emergency, real or Fabricated.