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TOPIC: Aftertime

Life in the Aftertime, in the years following the coming pole shift, is under speculation. Chet Snow described his vision, more benign than a Worst Case scenario. Keeping a Low Profile for a time will allow the dust to settle. The Atmosphere will likely rebuild from abundant CO2, requiring temporary Adjustments, and the Latitude Climate the same as today. New Land might emerge from the sea, and polar regions affected by Melting Ice, creating a Water World. There will be a lack of Sunlight in the gloom of Volcanic Dust, which will change the Food Chain, so start Preparations, Without Delay! Communications supported by Satellites will be nil. Due to extensive Homelessness, the pole shift will be a Social Leveler, with little energy for rebuilding Infrastructure. Helping others survive through Sharing can result in Hard Choices, and the Barter System will be in effect. Knowledge, however, will be more important than possessions.