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The Pleiadian Agenda - A new cosmology for the age of light, p 234
by Barbare Hand Clow

Just before 10,800 BC, there were meetings between humans, spirits of place, animals, and plants. You humans were powerful and integrated, almost as if you were gods yourselves, and then the strange times began. The Earth began to shake, the weather began to change, and you began to feel very afraid. The wind coming from the wrong direction was too strong and fitful, and the lightning was so intense that sparks flew off your feet as you walked. You saw portents in the sky, and you thought the gods must be coming back. You did see Nibiru in the sky as it came into the solar system, but you’d forgotten it was where the gods came from.

Your world was collapsing as you moved into Photon Band, and you have almost no memory of their landing during the Age of Leo. The Earth shook and writhed, the weather became unpredictable, and then one day the poles shifted! It was the strangest day. Great winds swept the land, the light changed, and the shadows in the great stone temples moved. There was tremendous pressure in your heads and bodies, and many of you died when your inner organs just gave out and filled with blood. A new electromagnetic field settled on the surface of the planet and the energy from the Sun seemed to be lost. Only remnants of species survived this great shifting, and Earth experienced many years of dim light because volcanic dust particles blocked the rays of the Sun. The new poles began to collect ice during months of continual rain, and water levels rose all over the planet. Nibiru came blasting around the other side of the Sun, and the gods landed in Sirian territory because it was the only stabilized zone on Earth. Northern Egypt was a great electromagnetic vortex that aligned Earth to the Sun in relationship to the Sun’s position in between the Galactic Center and Orion ...