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From Art Bell’s Coast to Coast, September 19, 1997 with Michael Gordon Scallion
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AB: All right. You obviously felt that this was very imminent, very important to get on the air tonight instead of waiting several months, which would have been your physical preference otherwise. Correct?

GMS: Well, our agreement, at our little family meeting we had & with other people, was that I would not do anything until January of 1998, and then talk about another series of things that I see ... the spiritual occurrences I also see occurring in '98. But, six weeks ago, once the Antarctic and the Caribbean and the water temperature. ... it happened much faster than I thought. I really thought that this was not going to go until like '98, '99, maybe even 2005. But, we pushed the calendar up a lot and gave me concern. We need to at least make people aware of the options.

AB: All right. One question, then we'll go to the phones. With this pole shift and the weather and the winds, what kind of tectonic plate effect will there be? Uh, that much magma moving under the Earth would produce tremendous change tectonically, wouldn't it?

GMS: We'll have a new tectonic system. I've seen that in the future where it doubles, literally, so there're more breakages. You know, we've already discovered faults that we didn't even know existed, because of technology. And, of course, after quakes we've been able to explore and find those things. So, we're going to see the thrusting, a massive thrusting in a matter of moments, around the world. Again, the areas that are under the highest stress, which is the Ring of Fire ... anywhere along that Ring, we will see great releases and, of course, that's the entire west coast of the United States, the west coast of South America. Japan is probably going to be one of the very early places that's going to see this disruption, because they sit on three plates that converge there. So, the percentages are higher that we'll see greater releases, and sooner releases, in Japan. Japan would be kind of like another precursor.


AB: Being bluntly honest with everyone, Gordon, how inevitable do you see the coming pole shift and the changes?

GMS: I believe, at this stage, that it will occur, versus a year ago where I felt that we had some outside chances if we did certain things, as a collective body. I still would like to hope that, in some areas, consciousness can alter it and I do believe that, but I believe we're now outside of the global and are now into the communities. So, not I think it's up to communities and how they live their lives, how they treat their neighbors, how they treat the land. I think communities, depending on how they function spiritually, will determine how they fare through these changes. I now believe, with 100% of certainty, that this is to be and the events will occur.


CLR: I'm curious, myself, whether the north pole will be in our backyard one morning or not?

GMS: After these changes, these three abrupt magnetic shifts, most of the information you might read out there, I'm sure indicate that the poles reverse themselves. We know scientifically that the poles have reversed directions ... north to south, south to north ... thousands of times. We know that by core samplings & measuring magnetites in the materials, so we can go back and we know there were some major ones about 12,000 years ago, you know, which is when we found the [mastodon] frozen and dried and all the weather changes and cataclysms. The ones I see, however, are smaller and they are 6 to 7 degrees, which I said earlier, westerly movement. So, if you were sitting in Fresno and you were looking at your compass, north would point to somewhere around 300 degrees, there might be 325. 25 to 45 degrees ... the maximum would be 45 degrees ... 21 to 25 is what I have consistently seen, but that could shift a bit more. If it went as much as 90 degrees, we're obviously looking due west.