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icon Scallion's Predictions

Scallion predicted three sets of earthquakes, each set occurring in a set order around the Ring of Fire that circles the Pacific Ocean. The first set at approximately 6.5 magnitude occurred in January/February 1995, right on schedule. The second set at approximately 7.0 magnitude also occurred in May/June 1995 as he predicted. The third set, to occur in December/January 1996 at an 8.0 magnitude or greater, began in early December and partially completed with an 8.2 in Indoneisa on February 17, 1996. Appearing on the Art Bell show on December 8, 1995, Michael-Gordon Scallion described his now famous 1995 predictions:

Scallion believes the third set of quakes has started, stating during the December 8, 1995 interview, "And the third cycle, of course, just began a little over a week ago in Japan," referring to what the USGS reported was an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in the Kuril Islands on December 3, 1995. Art Bell stated that he believed the magnitude of this earthquake was closer to 8.5, and that it has been underreported as it occurred in a remote area. Scallion's prediction is that the third cycle will bring earthquakes at magnitude 8.0 or greater, and he does not think that 1995 will be our worst year. During the Art Bell interview, Scallion describes what he feels is the cause of this increased activity.

The quakes that occurred were remarkably on target. The dates, magnitudes and locations for the first two cycles and what are known of the third are:

Jan 17, 1995 7.2 Kobe, Japan, Japan
Jan 27, 1995 6.9 Indonesia, South Pacific
Feb 5, 1995 7.5 New Zealand, South Pacific
Feb 7, 1995 6.5 Columbia, South America
Feb 18, 1995 6.6 Eureka, Cal., West Coast
May 27, 1995 7.6 Sakhalin Island, Japan
Jul 4, 1995 7.1 Kermadec Isl., South Pacific
Jul 30, 1995 8.1 Chile, South America
Sep 14, 1995 7.5 Mexico, West Coast
Dec 3, 1995 8.0 Kuril Islands, Japan
Feb 17, 1996 8.2 Irian Jaya, Indonesia