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TOPIC: Mars and Moon

Richard Hoagland is known for asserting that in spite of 20,000 Images recently released, NASA is withholding evidence that man is not alone, as the images of the Face on Mars and the Lunar Shard attest. A spectacular Hoagland coverup catch shows an image by the Mar's Surveyor, and Hoagland is suing NASA re the coverup. Congradulation Hoagland! MUFON and Jason Martell have noticed, and Van Flandern has shared Hoagland's conclusions Since 1995. Bauval and Hancock comment on the Coherent Shapes, Pyramids and Towers, and War or Flood explanations. An Orion Connection has been noted. Hoagland's 1996 Press Conference and Press Release asserted a NASA Coverup and that in the Brookings Report, NASA withheld evidence from the general public. During the 1998 Cydonia flyover NASA provided a Negative to the public, confusing the issue. To many, the Triangular Foundation were conclusive, including Van Flandern, again. The Zetas support Hoagland in his conclusions about Moon Cities, Structures on Mars, and Tetrahedral Crystals. Recently NASA seems to have changed its tune, informing the public of life on Mars, an issue President Clinton addressed. The Pathfinder is confirming that Mars was a Water planet, Awash in Water leaving Ancient Channels and Lakebeds, and in fact Warm Water that would have supported life. They appear eager to send a manned mission to Mars, but have experienced perplexing Mission Failures and have a poor Batting Average. Information on Moon Ice, Moon Cities, and Moon UFO's has been withheld from the public.