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The March 1996 MUFON Journal featured an article by Kent Jeffrey, the coordinator of the International Roswell Initiative, who concluded that the Roswell autopsy film was a fake. His findings support many of the contentions that the Zetas made in August, 1995, to wit:

ZetaTalk on the Body
The body of the alien in the autopsy film, so human in appearance with few exceptions, was in fact a human. The differences noted were in some cases natural, in some augmented by plastic surgery, and in some cases faked. The base body was of a prepubescent girl who sickened and died in an institution for the retarded, and had long been a ward of the state. Retardation was caused by water on the brain, a condition that creates an enlarged head. The large eye sockets came with the package, but the eyes themselves were replaced by even larger orbs, the reason for the unblinking appearance due to the eyelids being stretched and incapable of closing. This girl was essentially a vegetable toward death, and was unable to consent or refuse treatment. Plastic surgery was performed in her last months to remove her navel and nipples, but the occurrence of six fingers and toes, a common recessive gene, was already present.
MUFON on the Body
The humanlike qualities of the supposed alien suggest that it is either a doctored human corpse or a dummy patterned after a human body. ... Particular aspects of the alleged alien's external body shape, such as the protrusions of certain underlying muscles and bones, like the clavicle, imply a corresponding human internal structure ...
ZetaTalk on the Organs
As for the organs, never seen clearly while being removed, these were substituted while all was a blur and in motion.
MUFON on the Organs
Quoting the Houston pathologist Ed Uthman, the article states "The most implausible thing of all is that the 'alien' just had amorphous lumps of tissue in 'her' body cavities. I cannot fathom that an alien who had external organs so much like ours could not have some sort of definitive structural organs internally."
ZetaTalk on the Cameraman
Of course the cameraman's story is hokum, and this is because the cameraman is hokum! As with Ray Santilli's story, the cameraman's story has been carefully staged and the search for the cameraman just props on the stage to make the cameraman's story somewhat credible.
MUFON on the Cameraman
Pointing out many flaws in the cameraman's story, the article states: "One almost humorous aspect of the American cameraman's storyis that it was told in British English. While the nuances may not be readily apparent to those who speak the 'King's English' (the language would, naturally, seem normal to them), they are obvious to Americans."
ZetaTalk on the Sloppy Filming
How would it be that at an autopsy of such importance that a camera man would blur the image? Does he not understand how to operate his camera? Was he not chosen for his expertise? And if not, if he was inexperienced, why did he seem to have no learning curve in this regard?
MUFON on Sloppy Filming
Having located and extensively interviewed three military cameramen - Joe Longo, president of the international Combat Camera Association, Bill Gibson, who photographed balloon launches and recovery operations of Project Mogul, and Lieutenant Colonel Daniel McGovern, who was the project officer on classified projects Twinkle and Grudge and shot footage of the Hirochima and Nagasaki nuclear devastation - the article states: "All three consider the quality of the camera work in the Santilli film appalling and, for a myriad of reasons, not even close to meeting military standards."
ZetaTalk on Fraud Charges
Will someone go to prison for having committed fraud? For what crime? Fraud must have monitory damages, and this has none. Fraud must have some sort of damages, and none will be forthcoming. What would be the claim? I was assured that aliens were real and then found they were not. Laughed right out of court.
MUFON on Fraud Charges
Contacting the Serious Fraud Office of Scotland Yard with the evidence that the Santilli autopsy film was a fraud, the author received a written response to the effect "that this was not 'a matter suitable for investigation by this office.' In a follow-up phone call, I was told that before they could act, 'there had to be a victim in the U.K."
ZetaTalk on the Outcome
What was its intent? Of course it was to acclimate the public to the alien presence, the sight of alien bodies, the thought that humans and aliens have contact, the image of their government in contact - but reassuringly with the impression that humans have the upper hand. How could it not be so, when alien bodies are being cut apart by humans in white coats. And for those too frightened by this thought, whose hearts are beating, blood pressure rising, anxieties distracting them from the day's work - there are the doubts about the authenticity of the film, which will soon be strengthened as more and more skeptics come forward with specifics.