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The 12th Planet looks like the fading remains of a dying star, and does not have the pinpoint of brightness of a star. Although the 12th Planet at present is a magnitude 2.0, astronomers should include objects up to a magnitude 10 in their image capture. The image capture results should be passed through a red filter, as most equipment is calibrated to locate the pinpoint brightness of stars, rather than a diffuse glow.

The problem is that the normal eye, even when scanning a photo, would miss it as it is a faint blurr, rather than the pin point expected. Like the insect who camouflages itself against a similar background, and is not seen, this giant will be upon mankind before they realize they have been staring at it all along. Infrared works well, but requires equipment in the hands of few. Red filtering, aggressive red filtering, will bring it to the fore more than anything.

When comparing the Magnitude of objects that can be viewed from Earth, our intent in this general-public statement made in 1995, we considered all visible light. The IRAS team went looking for Planet X in the early 1980’s with infra-red because they understood that the spectrum was almost exclusively red, and thus the imaging equipment used by observatories would falter. Infra-red, of course, is a visible light to some of us, and there is some human equipment, night vision, that is atuned to this. Astronomy equipment, to sell, was designed to locate and image stars and planets reflecting sunlight. Are they not in the business, wishing to stay profitable? Infra-red equipment is in the hands of few, and very expensive, as it is not in general demand. It was built for observatories, upon demand, and the price tag reflected this. We, the Zetas, with our equipment, see Planet X from Earth is accordance with your math for a Magnitude 2.0 object. Should your equipment be calibrated to give an almost exclusively red object that same advantage that the predominant light spectrum from starlight gets, you’d see it. This was explained, but ignored in the main. So as Nancy suspects, there is a Zeta Magnitude of 2.0, for those who can see a broader light spectrum and whose equipment is not as limited as the equipment currently utilized by