TOPIC: Watch Watch Server

In general the Watch server addresses those topics in The Word section of Troubled Times - prophecies, the weather, food shortages, geological changes and the evidence of this, earthquakes, cover-ups, the alien presence, and of course the rogue planet known as the 12th Planet. The Watch server is not dedicated to finding solutions to the problems the coming changes will bring as to clarifying the information or disinformation put out about the coming changes. Good netiquette is asked of all who join. This means offering content rich postings that make it worthwhile for the Watch members to download and read. This means avoiding large attached files intended for individuals rather than the group as a whole. This means eliminating postings that simply say you agree or appreciate the posting, as these types of responses can be e-mailed to the individual directly. This means avoiding hypertext wrapped postings when many cannot correctly read this format. To join the Watch, go through the Application process and then address posting to the Watch to