TOPIC: Group Formation

Group formation as the passage approaches is occuring elsewhere on the Internet. Troubled Times members wishing to meet others in order to form survival groups are allowed to post their mission statements and introductions here within this topic. However, as the predicted time of the passage approaches, groups are increasingly requesting that their names be withdrawn. Please note the Troubled Times disclaimer that will appear on all pages posted herein.

Jim Cutler in the northern New England states
Debra in New Jersey
Luxan in Redding, CA
Peter Boudreau, in Southern CA
Jon in Colorado
James Gibbs in North Carolina
Steve Pritchard in Australia
Alex's Cataclysm Narod in Russia
Mike O'Hara in northeastern Pennsylvania
Valerie in Quebec


Any person meeting others through postings on this Group TOPIC within Troubled Times is doing so at their own risk.

Where offering a forum for the exchange of information, Troubled Times takes no responsibility for the outcome of any arrangements made as a result of postings within this forum. Troubled Times is not coordinating group development nor managing groups once formed, nor will it act as an arbitrator in disputes. The individuals posting here within this TOPIC are doing so as individuals. Troubled Times is not responsible for any negative outcome of group formation, such as broken hearts, empty wallets, rape, theft, confiscation by the government, monitoring by the government, harassment, broken promises, lack of expertise and support, liability due to negligence or crime, or any other adverse situation that may arise.

This disclaimer put forth by Troubled Times also applies to ZetaTalk, which supports Troubled Times but in no way supports, advocates, or is involved with any given group that may develop as a result of these group formation postings.