TOPIC: Emotions

By Sharing reactions, Troubled Times members hope to help others. Emotional Adjustments to the coming Cataclysms vary by individual, but all are affected by Grief, Fear, dispair, and Anxiety. There is Uncertainty. In other words, we all experience Inner Struggles and the need to integrate New Information to regain Perspective. Some pay heed to Prophecies or the Signs or Dreams they receive, others plan for Tomorrow but live for Today. Some Look Beyond the horror to see the potential for a better world, one with a New Geography. Life Goes On, and where life in the Aftertime is the focus, a Positive Attitude can develop. Survivors will learn to adapt, and by Being Prepared when Disaster Strikes, be better able to cope. If unable to explain to family and friends, Secret Preparations can be made. Examining present day Emergencies and their Prevention is a positive approach. Don't Wait to start preparing.