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Welcoming one to Troubled Times appears to be a contradiction in terms, but as you will see momentarily it is a safe haven. We are here to share vital information, new ideas, and create solutions for this most unprecedented period in our history. Please review this incredible collection put together by the people who volunteered their time and effort.

Throughout the speculative predictions, doomsday legends, and false hope tactics reported in the daily media, there are pertinent sources of information that we do address concerning the upcoming millennium. We offer you and your loved ones a much needed platform of stability so that you can calmly assimilate such life altering information. Please believe us when we say, what you read here will shift your view of reality. There is no doubt about that.

We have put together ideas and solutions and offer you our support and guidance. We will listen to your concerns and address your fears. All of us here, at some point, have been where you are now, and ... we know where you will be in the near future. We would like to introduce a couple of members and share with you their stories. Learn how they became aware of the upcoming changes and what steps they took to adjust and prepare for what's ahead.

Hi, Pat and Brand here. We would like for you to know a little bit about us and how we came to be here. Please read our Stories.

This site is designed as a special route for offering off-web access to Troubled Times information to those folks who are not hooked up to the net or do not have access to a computer. If you would like to share the information assembled on this website with others who you feel would benefit, we offer Hard Copy Mailings along with timely updates for the cost of shipping and handling charges only. Why not consider a hard copy for yourself?