TOPIC: Idea List

Concerns and thoughts on solutions have been captured as they came up, and are listed and dated for future reference.

  • Information should be packaged such that Late Comers as well as organized planners can gather what they need.
  • Solutions sets should emphasize Self Help.
  • Replacement Parts, will need to be manufactured, not purchased.
  • Both short term Survival, and long term Sustenance should be planned.
  • Supplies should be stocked to provide a transition to a new lifestyle.
  • Internet communication can be a lifeline before the Pole Shift and for survival afterwards.
  • Functioning Prototype survival sites should be in operation before the Pole Shift, as models, but actual Sites may be selected at the last minute.
  • Practical Crops need to be emphasized and Permaculture practices instituted.
  • Vitamin Deficiencies need to be guarded against.
  • Eating Bugs and Worms may be necessary.
  • Fighting Depression among survivors will be a challenge.