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The Seed TEAM's goal is propagation of non-hybrid seed to be distributed among Troubled Times members as needed so they can start their own gardens. Membership in Troubled Times is open to the public. Seed TEAM discussions, when they do occur, are conducted on the TT-Seeds mailing list. If you're interested in participating as a grower we will need an address where we can snail mail the seeds to you. Do not send us an address that will become your eventual survival site. This should always be kept close. We’ll also need from you a list of those seeds you think you'd be successful at growing. Most growers will eventually specialize, growing en mass what they grow best. Your personal garden will, of course, have a variety.

The list of seed we are currently growing will change over time. There will be more plants than are listed, as the list will grow and begin to sort out by climate and soil type too. Let us know what part of the world you will be gardening in, and what seed you may have of your own, and what seed you might be interested in growing. Remember, the seed you receive is intended to be grown out to seed to increase our seed stock. You may use your discretion as far as harvesting some of it for food in order to taste it and determine if you want to keep some of the seed for yourself. Participating as a grower allows Seed TEAM members to hone their skills at saving seeds as well as at gardening. Members should grow in the climate they are in today, but for their personal garden, they should grow with an eye on their future climate too.

Seed TEAM Coordinators