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icon During 2000

During the 2000 growing season in the northern hemisphere, seed growing in dedicated gardens began, in addition to the seed gathering from individual contributors working from their home gardens. This included an area dedicated to perennial herbs. These dedicated gardens were supported by the Troubled Times, Inc. nonprofit, and profited by donations specified for support of this project came from John Kelso and another generous anonymous gift. The results alone from this acre dedicated to seed gathering, worked by volunteer hands during the 2000 growing season, were:

Fava Beans2 1/2 C
Yellow Bush Beans1/2 C
Garbanzo Beans1 1/2 C
Navy Beans6 C
French Green Beans4 1/2 C
Black Turtle Beans5 C
Green Bush Beans3 1/2 C
Pinto Beans5 1/2 C
Green Peas5 1/2 C
Snow Peas3 C
Soy Beans1 C
Adzuki Red Beans1 C
Pole LIma Beans3 C
Kidney Beans3 1/2 C
Black Oil Sunflower1 Gal.
Striped Sunflower1 Gal.
Sesami1 Pint
Muskmellon2 1/2 C
Pumpkin3 1/2 Gal.
Chinese Cabbage1 Pint
Red Cabbage6 Heads in Root Cellar
Green Cabbage6 Heads in Root Cellar
Grain Amaranth1 Gal.
Buckwheat4 Gal.
Tioga Red Wheat4 Gal.
Salad Tomatoes2 C
Italian Plumb Tomatoes2 C
Canning Tomaotes1 C
Catsup Tomatoes1 C
Cherry Tomatoes3/4 C
Heirloom Tomatoes1 1/2 C
Cayenne Pepper1/2 C
Long Yellow Sweet Pepper1/4 C
Green/Red Bell Pepper1/4 C
Okra2 C
Eggplant1 1/2 T
Sugar Beets3 Doz. in Root Cellar
Carrots2 Doz. in Root Cellar
Daikon Radish1 C
Rocket1 C
Garland2 T
Spinach1 1/2 C
Spanish Onion2 Doz. in Root Cellar
Scallion2 t.
Scallion3 Doz. in Root Cellar
Calendula1 T
Coriander1 1/2 C
Parsley1 C
Basil2 T
Self Heal1/2 C