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Trends in Planet X Sighting

Not seeing the Forest for the Trees

When a traveler approaches a distant forest, at first the forest itself is seen, then individual trees, and as the trees themselves become the focys, the size of the forest may be lost as the traveler stops seeing the forest for the trees. Trends over the Fall 2002 viewing seasons show that:

1Where Planet X came through in the Sum and Median (when generated) of the images, indicating presence in all frames over the background, it was often only discernable in single frames at first.
2When at a distance, the entire Planet X complex of dust and tail and moons was taken to be Planet X, appearing as a dot. Where the brightness of this complex increased steadily during the Fall of 2002, as the complex came closer the tail and moons separated from the Planet X body, thus seeming to diminish the body relative to the rest of the complex. But when Dust Shrouding is considered, growing larger!
3The tail first appeared as a pixel brightness haze, increasingly brighter and affecting more pixels, then seen as distinct swirls and then when the swirls overlapped, as Dense Splotches. As the complex comes closer, and spreads, the individual moons become evident and separate from each other, thus seeming to diminish the tail density.
4As the dozens Moons began being recognized as Distinct Entities, increasingly Avis recognized as other than noise, the dense tail splotches stopped showing up in the images.
1. Evident
in frames4,56allallmostallallallallallallallall
in sumxxxxxxxxxxxxx
in medianxxx
2. Body:
bright %15%14%15%33%47%60%75%52%25%
pixel ct.112incr4343
shrouded ct.915
3. Tail:
as hazex
as swirlxxx
as densexx
bright %11%25%
pixel ct.552
4. Moons:
Avis rec.xxxx