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Side of the Eye Technique
on Mar 25, 2003

I live in the country, in central Wisconsin, where there is little light pollution and the air is clear of industrial pollution. The night was crystal clear, not a cloud in the sky, so around 8:45 PM, armed with printouts of Where to Look I located Orion's Belt, Aldebaran by moving in a straight line from the line drawn by Orion's belt and up a bit to Aldebaran, and the spot below Aldebaran where the Planet X complex can be located at this date. Aldebaran is a bright star with an orange tinge, but what was intermittently visible at the Planet X spot was distinctly red, and much smaller than Aldebaran. It seemed to appear only briefly, but would reappear when I glanced a bit to the side, then fade again. Very red. I had planned to use 7x35 binoculars in this search, but having found that I could see it with the unaided eye, by using the Side of the Eye technique, will pursue this.
I was on #zetatalk tonight for about an hour and there were several people who reported seeing what they thought was Planet X with and without binoculars or telescope. Just like you, they described the location where Aldebaran and the reddish object they saw was in relation to each which fitted where to Planet X is on the charts. It looks like there is a flood of sightings going on!