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TOPIC: Transport

Going on Horseback may still be an option. Carts such as a garden or Hunting Cart can be used, and solid Tires are most durable. Dinghies can be attached to the sides. A Wind Car using the wind and car parts is an option where the land is flat land. Electric vehicles, such as an Electric Tractor with a Series Motor, home made from Converted Cars or purchased, can be Recharged, but there are Problems. Bikes in a world without roads or paths may not be practical, but on the flat a Quadracycle might be just the thing! Snowshoes and skis facilitate travel overland in winter. Electric Boats or Poke Boats or Portable Boats in an encroaching water world are a practical choice. On flat land, Motor Homes or trailers offer the potential of a home on wheels, Parked well ahead of the shift. Cars or Trucks could likewise serve a dual purpose of pre-shift travel and then a shelter. Cooking oil is a Diesl Substitute.