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TOPIC: Material

Securing Parts in the Aftertime will be challenging, so Handy Items should be stocked. Supply Containers or Garbage Cans can be reused later. Recycling is a recent fad, so Land Fills could be a rich source of raw materials such as Sheet Metal and glass, versus Mining for ore. Smelting metals from raw materials or metal scraps is a Medieval Art that has its modern day practitioners. Galvanized metal is rust resistant. AlumiWeld works miracles with aluminum. Arc Welding can be learned, as can all Metal Working skills. Ferro-Cement is strong and durable, and concrete composites like RASTRA quick and easy. A Portland Cement Substitute is possible. Panel Systems are complete, and foam R-Control panels are durable, but these come only in Rectangle Shapes. Instructions on how to set rocks is available. Rope can be made from many materials such as Hemp, and cloth from natural fibers such as Natureworks PLA. Bamboo, when Lashed together, is strong enough to make Tall Structures such as Scaffolding. Canola Oil can substitute for a motor oil. Peat Moss, used in gardening, can serve as temporary packing material. Material such as Diaper Gel is fireproof. Natural Glue can be made from Milk, Blood, Fish Skin, Hides, Sinew, Resins, but these are not necessarily Water Proof. When shopping is no longer possible, the art of Scrounging should be applied.