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The very helpful owner/operator of a container refurbishment business showed me a few photos of some of the applications of containers he has worked with, and I noted with interest one set of photos detailing the footings of a container "home" arrangement. They appeared to be galvanised steel peers placed within concrete footings, welded to the base edges of the container, holding the thing off the ground by maybe 10 inches. I was thinking this may be much more cost and time effective than pouring and securing to a complete concrete slab. And just a point of clarification, I'm talking about securing to immoveable and, hopefully, not prone to fracture bedrock, not just shallow peers floating in the ground. In any case, shaking around will definitely stress any securing or supporting arrangement, so it is worthwhile knowing that the base of containers are made of steel beams around the perimeter and as floor joists so there are lots of points where peers could be attached.

Offered by Gino.