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A partially buried container can blend technology with nature at a very low cost. It is simple enough in the conception phase as to not hinge on any step too technically risky. It is simple enough to be doable with a good amount of certainty. While I am convinced that it will work, I haven't made any claims as to how well it will work in the face of earth changes. Indeed, I drew up this project on scale drawings in a desire to get off the grid, simplify housing issues, and to side-step governmental interference in the forms of licensing, taxation, and inspections. One might note that the above project as it is, does indeed bypass these things. No foundation has been poured so there's no building inspection. The site would not be considered permanent so there is no increase in the value of the land thus no increased tax assessment.

The above project parallels the idea of placing a container on a concrete boat-like cast .Instead of gravel, reinforced concrete could be used, and the timbers could be replaced with steel beams which could be welded to the top-side beams of the container and bolted to a concrete retaining wall. This thing could be constructed and cast in the ground and if the Earth gets to bumping-an-rolling, it would pop up out of the ground and ride across the surface! If after this ride the unit finds itself on an angle of say 10 degrees or less, the container and side beams could perhaps be unbolted, and a hydraulic ram used to lift the container more to level, and a hewn railroad tie of appropriate height chocked between the container and the concrete base. Rams are easily enough stored and of a capacity to handle such an after-shift leveling adjustment.

Offered by Steve.