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Groworld Module Project

The Gardination of the Groworld Module Project - is a handbook of techniques, materials and reasonings, rationale and expectations, floor plans and elevations, many pictures demonstrating the alternative building techniques and materials and aesthetic and ergonomic results, performance evaluation of dramatic natural convection of heat energy and storage through the ducts buried in the 187 ton insulated thermal anchor, 52 degree food storage, carbon dioxide monitoring aspects, letting insects manage themselves, liquid fertilizers especially urine, and growing mediums and semi-hydroponic methods, soils and wood ash potash, hydraulic hand deep-well water pumping, sunflower pressing for cooking and lighting oil, chickens, crops and companion planting, and most importantly, the seed as physician, as widely practiced in Russia.

Here is a Manual for survival in a houseosphere. It is a double-envelope ultra-insulated residence for ten or more entities demonstrated to survive without fuel, electricity, or technology and grow its own food in a two-story gardination. Crane-erected r=35 Structural Insulated Panels for exterior walls and roofs reduce labor costs and facilitate erection, providing easy 'super insulation' to this low-tech no-tech self-sufficient 'solar' construction, developed over the last 30 years through 40 solar houses and a Buddhist Temple by this alternative designer/builder/artist/author.

This 58 page PDF file color Manual is easily downloadable at

Offered by Llan Starkweather.