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TOPIC: Wind Proof

The pole shift may present a Worst Case scenario. Wind damage is a function of the degree to which the wind can get around edges, as Roger's Travails demonstrate. A shelter should be constructed such that at a moments notice you can remove all overhangs, and Any Edges that wind can grab hold of. Such a construction technique will handle up to 150 mph sustained. Securing a house to its Foundation can brace against wind force pusing the house over. Blunting wind flow with Baffles can help. The A Frame is vulnerable. Windows that will withstand hurricane force winds are also available, but hurricane force winds includes danger from Projectiles. Steel Reinforced structures are recommended for projectile protection, and Monolithic domes have a good track record. The Slope of a structure affects the force of wind upon it. The point where a structure becomes Airborne can be computed, with Blowing Sand or debris affecting the outcome. Windows open on one side can cause a structure to Rip Apart.