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TOPIC: Quake Proof

15 Richter Scale earthquakes are defined as an unusually long shaking period, accompanied by Earth Waves. Given that, Troubled Times members debate what structure would Resist the 15 and offer Seismic Safety. Base Isolation technology is one such technique. The presence of Ground Water is an important factor, and Liqufaction pressure can be computed. Construction Techniques for new or retrofit quake proofing shows visually the kinds of forces that act on structures in a quake. Reinforced Concrete or a Concrete Cellar are resistant. A heavily reinforced wood or steel Box Construction would be effective in preventing damage in a quake. US Geological Survey also advises on earthquake resistance design, such as the Amplitude of motion to expect. The most resistant dwelling windows are Lexan Windows. A Pole Shift ning offers adice on how to Secure Your Home.