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TOPIC: Sewage

With municipal treatment facilities destroyed, survivors will have to address sewage treatment locally. Insights can be gained from History and how sewage treatment in Europe caused Disease. Outhouse solutions range from the old standby, the outhouse, which can be a Fancy Outhouse, a Plain Outhouse, or a Garden Outhouse, to a Composting Toilet, such as Cottage Toilets or the Phoenix composting toilet. Sawdust Toilets are a cheap and easy composting toilet, odor free. Both are an indoor version of the outhouse, or the Porta-Potty. Sewage effluent should be used for its nutrient value, growing aquatic plants that can be fed to fish, for instance. For indoor gardening, cleansing methods include Ultraviolet lamps and Bare/Rift frequencies. Living Technologies offer treatment facilities that recycle water into gardens and use natural bacteria. Lime reduces the odor of outhouses.