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Traditional sources of heat such as oil or gas will be scarce after a cataclysm, compounded by a lack of shelter. Kerosene Heaters are portable. Starting a Fire in the rain takes skill, and finding Natural Kindling such as Fungus or Cattail can make the difference. Hot Rocks help retain the heat. Charcoal is easy to produce, but Woods Differ in their qualities. The Hicks Water Stove produces both heat and hot water. Those with domestic animals can use Animal Heat during cold spells, and heat can even be gleaned from Manure. Burried Garbage or a Compost pile can also be a source. Geothermal heat can be tapped, but may indicate Unstable Geo. Hot Water can be heated from any source with a Tube Coil system, with a Caution. Heating Large Quantities is also feasible. A Peltier Junction supplies heat from 12V electricity, but has Limited Use. Those wanting to Experiment can get their own! While housing is being rebuilt, Gel Fuel from a portable fireplace that can be safely kept in tight quarters may fill the gap. Use a Re-Heater Bag or Electric Vest to carry while traveling. Heat can be retained by Reflection and Deflection. Cooking is more efficient with Thermal Feedback.