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TOPIC: Temporary

Prior to the cataclysms the emphasis should be on protection from firestorms and earthquakes during the pole shift, such as a Metal Roof over a trench. Temporary quarters provide ample living space while waiting for the pole shift hour, but should be vacated prior to the shift for safer shelters. Dome Tents such as US Calvary seem to have some Stability in high winds, and can be Hand Made. The Shepherds Tent is ample. Car top tents or Mobile Homes are portable. A Blue Tarp can shelter from rain. Survival Sacks are more water proof and insulated than ordinary sleeping bags. Teepees such as the Plains Indians erected, or a Thatched Sapling shelter likewise can be erected quickly and constructed with a variety of materials and Techniques, but are designed for a Nomadic lifestyle though can be Semi-Permanent. Dual use Plywood Boxes could become construction material after the shift. In cold climates, the Igloo can be a life saver. Usenet archives on primitive skills provide information on Circular huts, Storm Shelters, Debris Huts, Debris Tips, Debris Drawbacks, Psychological Factors, Debris Insulation, Moss Insulation, Warm and Dry, Rock Overhang, and Pit Shelters. For those with the resources, an Airtight dome is spacious.