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ZetaTalk: Auto-Immune Diseases
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995.

Auto-immune diseases are some of the most distressing, for both the patient and doctor, as the curse is tied to a physical response often considered the cure - the immune response. In an attempt to do something, human physicians do their best by attempting to dampen or counteract the immune system, all of which enters a new set of problems into the picture. A no-win situation. The sufferer and those who care watch in agony as the body does its best to destroy itself. The enemy is within, and in more than one way, as the psychological makeup of the afflicted and the caretakers is a significant part of the problem. In our observation we have found that humans with auto-immune responses are dealing, simultaneously, with a situation in which they are loved to death and at the same time not loved at all. A trap from which they are loath to leave and their disease often disables them to where they cannot leave and thus a death march ensues.

The immune system is sensitive to the psychological state, a fact which human physicians are acutely aware of. Cancer patients are often choosing to die by maintaining the depressive state that preceded the disease. A quick, if somewhat gruesome, escape, and one which the patient can use to punish those they are angry at - the family who must watch the process. In auto-immune diseases, as in allergies, the problem is the reverse - an overactive or rather hyper-sensitive immune response. The body is like a bow strung too tight, which twangs at every touch. This is not the result of depression, a wish to die, but a heightened wish to survive, to live. The body perceives danger, due to the psychological situation, and mobilizes. Auto-immune diseases frequently remit and assault, in waves those outside of the situation struggle to interpret. At times the disease disappears entirely, just goes away. If the patterns are analyzed from a psychological perspective, looking past the loving smiles and tender pats, one will see whereof we speak.

The patient is often in the iron grip of someone who has restricted their life into nothingness, a dull and boring void without purpose or true emotion. Free the afflicted into the normal interaction that life presents, without repercussion for their participation, and watch what happens!

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