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ZetaTalk: Biorhythms
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995.

Researchers have correctly identified rhythms in humans that ebb and flow, with great regularity, commonly known as biorhythms. These have been divided into categories, which are not all that precise, in our opinion, nor do they deal with any but a minority of the biorhythms actually operand. Do biorhythms start from the moment of birth, as claimed? Some do, as the moment of birth is traumatic and griping, no matter how easy the delivery. The babe must breath, feels the cool air, is handled - all for the first time. A shock. Other biorhythms set off from the moment of conception, and yet others when the nervous system reaches a point in its development capable of sustained activity, such as movement, the flutter that expectant mothers refer to as feeling life.

What are biorhythms and why do they persist with such regularity? So much in life is controlled by biological switches, the urge to eat switched on by an empty stomach, or to drink by a blood chemistry ration, or to defecate by a full colon. And is not menstruation cyclical, the urge to sleep, the sex drive? Biorhythms, however, are not influenced by factors outside of themselves. They hear only their own rhythm, and listen only to the note they sing. Unlike brain waves, they are not a choir. They are all soloists. A biorhythm is the expression of the rising and falling of chemical levels in the blood, cerebrospinal fluid, lymph, intramuscular tissues, kidneys, and various glands. These chemical levels are regulated, much like a self activating sump pump, by high and low points. When the chemical level drops to the low point, the body switches into production mode on this particular chemical, and when the chemical level rises to the high point, the body switches production off again.

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