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ZetaTalk: Opposition
Note: written during the 2001 sci.astro debates. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Children playing with magnets soon discover that magnets brought in close proximity to each other want to snap together, north pole to south pole, and can be positioned north pole to north pole only under force. Lined up side by side, as long as a certain distance is maintained and friction against a table top or other surface is present, they can coexist with without polar symmetry, however. Why the pressure to snap together and align when poles approach, where not so in a side by side arrangement? An analysis of magnetic particle flow in magnets placed end to end show the particles flow moving through the entire length of the linkup of magnets, creating a longer and larger field before the particles return to the shared south pole at the end of the lineup. But what of the particle flow when magnets are positioned side by side? The key here is the strength of the fields, and the closeness of the magnets.

When this path of least resistance is established in a gaseous planet, the magnetic particle flow takes a short cut to the south pole of the Sun, the dominant magnetic influence in the area. Those particles flowing through such a gaseous magnet do not return to the south pole of the planet they have just passed through, but move along to the south pole of the Sun. Magnetic fields are measured by man not by the flow of particles, but by the direction of the flow, as the orientation is determined by which way a magnet swings under the influence of this flow. Thus, probes sent to measure the magnetic field of a gaseous planet find their test magnets swinging into alignment, both the south pole of the gaseous planet and the test magnet lined up to act as a conduit for the intense flow of magnetic particles on the move. The fact that there is no actual field about the gaseous planet, no return from the north pole of the gaseous magnet to its south pole, is not noted.

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