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ZetaTalk: Avoided
Note: recorded during the November 16, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

We are increasingly asked by the desperate, who hope this was all an exercise in New Age communications, whether the cataclysms can be avoided. Do you expect the Sun not to rise tomorrow, or the Moon to appear sometime during the 24 hour period? The arrival of the 12th Planet/Planet X, is a predictable, normal, astrophysical event in your part of the Universe. Like cancer and lightning strikes and meteors falling from the sky, such matters that are normal to your world may not be pleasant, but you live with them today. Prior pole shifts were not averted, despite the agony and wishes of those contemplating the inbound red dragon in the sky. Is childhood cancer cured today, because it is a horrific thing to contemplate? Is death following an accidental injury to a person in the prime of their life, someone whom the family depends upon and who does not wish to die, averted? In like manner, just because this is horrific, does not mean that special circumstances prevail. Your life on this Earth is for you to learn how to help your fellow man, to stretch into the opportunity. In this regard, the pole shift affords all humans an opportunity they can either:

  1. avoid, or
  2. accept.

None will be spared being offered this opportunity. And thus, the clarification of a persons orientation will be acutely established.

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