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ZetaTalk: Interfering
Note: recorded during the September 14, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Rumor Mill News Reading, Aug 25, 2002
God Has Canceled War on Earth
On Friday, August 2, 2002 Arial Sharon had ordered 100 Israeli tanks to attack a Palestinian town in an attempt to start a major conflict that would escalate into WWIII. As the 100 tanks approached the town, three Starships of the Forces of Light, each fifty miles in diameter, appeared in the sky above the tanks, and the Starship crews vaporized three Israeli tanks. The tank crews were left unhurt and standing on the ground.

This is a rumor that has both truth and fiction attached to it. Indeed, many alien groups in the Service-to-Others are attending the Transformation, and concerned about keeping a balance before the populace for their 3rd Density lesson, the orientation decision. There are many just as concerned about the Israeli conflicts as they are about the Bush Administration attempts to incite world war so that they can build up their military. Intervention can occur in countries outside of the US, and does. What countries is intervention occurring in, at this time?

We, and our brethren, were very busy on the 911 anniversary, preventing terrorist attacks predicted by the Bush Administration, as this would have given them a stage to stand on for the UN bully session, when they in fact had no facts to stand on in demanding an attack on Iraq. Thus, they downstaged the UN speech to a demand that the former UN sanctions be honored. Were terrorism attacks in Indonesia, and Europe, planned? Indeed, and many hundreds of steps stopped dead in their tracks, to prevent this. Thus, they emerged with Mula Omar in Afghanistan, as a poor showing of strength, ahead of when this was actually planned to be announced.

So was intervention done in Israel, in an attack against the Palestinians? Absolutely, today, yesterday, and probably tomorrow. However, something like a large ship in the sky vaporizing tanks did not occur, but we suspect this was a poetic description of what some sense is occurring. Should they say they expect behind the scenes intervention is occurring, it is so boring, so something dramatic was described, so the story would get passed along.

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