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ZetaTalk: Theories
Note: written Apr 15, 2002.

Time, as we have stated, is a factor, and when we go back in time we do so by manipulating this factor in equations, causing time to regress. Indeed, as a factor, it is a variable, and can be affected by other factors. However, for man, who can only theorize, and cannot test as he cannot manipulate the other factors involved, time seems immobile. So-called proofs of this or that theory are only paper proofs, not laboratory proofs. Thus, to say that within the solar system, within your lifetime, on the surface of the Earth, time can be slowed or sped up, is a fallacy. Indeed, during your next life, you will be presented with so many new concepts this will seem like child’s play, something a simpleton would muse about. Thus, we suggest, since you are shortly going to be presented with more problems than you will be able to deal with, and problems that will tear at your heart, that you put this aside for now.

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