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ZetaTalk: Mixed Goals
Note: written Oct 15, 2000.

The confusion over alien rules vs human rules extends to the goals of both groups. As is natural, humans assume the Universe operates under the same rules as their world, having little basis of comparison. In 3rd Density worlds, where the entities are allowed to affect each other without restraint, murder or nursing to health can occur, slavery and freedom from burden or restraints can occur, as the entities on the 3rd Density world allow. The entity, during their many incarnations, experiences these settings and either experiences or observes what happens when steps are taken by humans to effect change. Humans thus imagine that the Universe operates in like manner, but it does not. 3rd Density existence is limited to the 3rd Density world, and not allowed space travel or access to technology that would afford that. Graduation past 3rd Density involves having more power, through technology, and thus new rules. Those in the Service-to-Self would endlessly enslave weaker cultures, if allowed to do so, and thus are restrained.

Given the confusion that humans have about alien rules, and the mandates that are enforced so that aliens cannot simply have their way with humans, there is confusion about lies. Lies are allowed, as this is an extension of the conference that The Call is considered to be. Any two humans who confer on an issue find colored impressions, withheld information, or frank manipulation of the facts as a normal part of the conversation. Even good hearted folk can fool themselves, such that their own personal agendas are not clear to them, being a matter of shame, perhaps.

Another point of confusion revolves around why we, or other aliens, are here on Earth. With the advent of the approaching pole shift, there is a human assumption that aliens are here, as benign space brothers, to rescue and save humanity. The assumption that aliens are here to rescue and save humanity, or that this should be the alien agenda, is wrong on several points:

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