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ZetaTalk: Minority Votes
Note: written Jul 15, 1997.

Humans used to arranging a place on court dockets often feel left out of activities ongoing at the Council of Worlds. Their votes are collected and then that’s the end of it, and they long to argue their case. On Earth, depending upon the human society, one can either bribe the judge, bribe or otherwise influence those who appoint or control the judge, selectively screen the jury, arrange to be represented by high priced and high powered attorneys, or endlessly petition. That the Council of Worlds does not have similar avenues open to them feels like a breach of rights! In fact, probably for the first time, they are experiencing a true democracy. They are the minority vote! Their viewpoint lost! Manipulating the outcome by trying to manipulate the courts is simply not democratic!

The Council does not arbitrarily make pronouncements affecting the lives and futures of intelligent species. Except for the preconscious period, when genetic engineering is about to begin or is in process, the spirits incarnating into an intelligent species always determine the outcome. Neanderthal man determined that its line would die out to be replaced by another version of early man, for instance. They were polled as to their opinion on the eating disorder that was killing so many of them at a young age, and the alternatives were abundantly clear to those polled. Once the decision had been made, the feelings of any given Neanderthal man about to be sterilized, but not castrated, with a small snip to his groin mattered not. His was the minority vote!

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