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ZetaTalk: Lack of Choice
Note: written May 15, 1997.

To humans, who observe that their computers often seem more intelligent than other humans, our assertion that the rules we must observe regarding sentient or conscious thinking machines prevent our machines from becoming alive must seem confusing. A retarded human who can barely recall the sequences necessary to put one leg into a set of trousers is alive and conscious, but a powerful computer monitoring a myriad of logic threads simultaneously is not. Just how does that compute! The difference is subtle, and where the line may seem blurred to humans who are confusing performance with intrinsic intellectual independence, i.e. choice, the issue is not confusing to us. We will expand on the differences between performance and choice.

Thus, the rule that machines, no matter how complex, cannot carry incarnating souls is not one that needs enforcement. It happens quite naturally as the entities simply donít linger!

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