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ZetaTalk: Robots
Note: written May 15, 1997.

Robots were first thought of during human development as workers, other humans. As in most 3rd Density worlds, enslaving the others is a constant consideration, and this slavery takes many forms. Shackling the worker to his task and working him to death is the most obvious, but the shackles that are not obvious are still just as binding. The husband who cannot leave his wife without encountering a smothering monthly support bill will tolerate demands from his master just as a shackled slave would. Both cannot think of escape due to the pain it would bring. With the advent of programmable machines such as computers, the thought of having machines as slaves is irrepressible. They donít require wages, never demand a day off, and can be relied upon to be consistent and do what they were told to do! Such a cooperative slave.

Programmed machinery is a natural occurrence in densities higher than 3rd Density also, and to a great degree. Where the passion to enslave another is not present in 4th Density Service-to-Others communities, the desire for a silent and reliable teammate to help one do oneís job better is more certainly ever present. Robots are developed and used up to but not beyond the point where they could be considered sentient or conscious, as the Council of Worlds does not allow thinking machines, in essence biorobots, to be developed and enslaved by other intelligent species. The line is drawn where including the components of life would enter in - DNA capable of self initiated thought, emotion, and most particularly a conscious sense of the self as separate from the surroundings.

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