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ZetaTalk: Reusable Worlds
Note: written Dec 15, 1996.

Since such a small percentage of worlds are suitable as life bearing planets, do those planets that are suitable get repeatedly used to foster forming entities? Yes indeed, and more times than humans might imagine! Take the Earth’s history as an instance. Humans have not been the only intelligent species to evolve to the point where their intelligence is sufficient to spark the formation of entities. Long before mammals evolved there were reptiles of sufficient intelligence, as reptiles emerge in the normal course of events long before mammals evolve. Thus, during the age of the dinosaurs, there was a relatively small and agile dinosaur that served as a container for forming and emerging entities. This species did not survive to the present day, being affected by the same viral infections that took out the larger dinosaurs.

The Earth today is inhabited by several intelligent species, none of which encounter each other, as we have explained. All but man were transplants, limited in number, and were placed on the Earth only because there would be scant chance for the intelligent species to encounter each other. As we have stated, only one species is made available for forming entities on 3rd Density worlds, as the likelihood of one species dominating another is too great if several intelligent species are cohabiting. Slavery would result, and is not allowed by the Council of Worlds. However, for the Earth at this time, humans rarely encounter the Men-In-Black, and then only when these hominoids wish this to be the case. In addition, they are sufficiently similar to humans that domination does not result. Bigfoot and the reptilian race living in subterranean cavities do not encounter humans, nor will they, as a quarantine is enforced.

After the Earth’s Transformation to a 4th Density physical state, living conditions on that portion of the Earth remaining in 3rd Density will not be sufficient to support life capable of enough intelligence to spark forming entities. The Earth from this point forward will be a home for formed and spiritually mature entities, those who have chosen their orientation and are living a 4th Density spiritual as well as physical existence. Due to the vote the human inhabitants of Earth took just prior to the mid-point of this century, terran-born entities have selected the Service-to-Others orientation for this future Earth. Nevertheless, this will not diminish the intelligent life forms that will inhabit the Earth, as in 4th Density travel to other worlds is allowed, and the Earth of the future will see many visitors!

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