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ZetaTalk: Slavery Practices
Note: written Oct 15, 1996.

Slavery is not so much a status in human society as a fact of life on occasion in 3rd Density existence and a continual fact of life in Service-to-Self communities. One can also be enslaved by life circumstances, such that change is difficult. In human society, a servant may have the status of slave yet be well cared for and treated as an individual. The servant might be unable to vote or leave for a different job, but this situation is not that much different from what wives in most of human society experience. The governor of a country might appear to have the best that life can offer - power, wealth, and all the perks that come with the job. But in truth he may be a slave to his position, unable to leave the job for fear of retaliation from the many whom he blocked or injured during his reign. He stays on the job out of fear of the consequences of leaving, not unlike the slave who fears physical punishment if he bolts for freedom.

Just as slavery can be one's situation, whether the official term or not, just so the desire to enslave can be clothed falsely. A husband may tell his wife that his desire to keep her from a role in the outside world is for her good, so as to shelter her from rebuffs and demands, while his true intent is to prevent her from gaining the independence that would allow her to leave him. Many governments allow their citizens to vote, but the vote is hollow as the candidates are all from the same class or strata. The citizens are told they are controlling the country, but as they cannot get members of all the classes on the ballot, they in fact are continuing to hand the wand of power to the upper classes, time and again. Thus, to some degree, they remain slaves to the upper classes, which determine where employment can be gained, the compensation for this employment, and control behavior by threatening to black-list any who don't obey their rules.

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