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ZetaTalk: Declaring War
Note: written May 15, 1996.

Humans are accustomed to the forces of what they call good and evil being constantly at war, and this conflict to be present in almost every situation. The young child at school may find the drug pusher in a running battle with the local police, the bully extracting lunch money from younger children, and the chronic cheat who copies the homework of others seemingly ever present and virtually unchallenged. Surely life elsewhere in the Universe is the same, and the advanced technology aliens rather evidently possess would make for spectacular battles when clashes occur. In fact, due to the separation of the orientations, such clashes rarely occur between orientations, and among the Service-to-Self they happen only when there is not a clear winner in the constant contest to be top dog that is characteristic of this orientation. Those in the Service-to-Others never war with each other, although disagreements most certainly exist and conferences are frequent if not constant, if one takes telepathy into account.

The reason battles between orientations do not occur is not only due to their separation, it is due to the enforcement of this separation. Those in the Service-to-Self would not be expected to abide by a rule out of honor, as they have none. They have no choice. If a Service-to-Self group attempts to encroach on territory assigned to Service-to-Others groups they are physically blocked at the perimeter by forces put into place by the Council of Worlds. To engage, the Service-to-Self entities must request an engagement, and this request, which is likewise monitored by the Council, can be refused by the Service-to-Others or a counter offer proffered. Gladiator contests, where brute physical force is used to determine the outcome, is simply not something those in the Service-to-Others would have the slightest interest in. What would be the point, to determine which life form has the biggest muscles and teeth?

Beyond the lack of interest in physical prowess games, the Service-to-Others don't engage in battles as they know the outcome. They would win. Where those in the Service-to-Self desire weapons and spend a good part of their energy fussing over their arsenal of destructive power, the Service-to-Self are never as technologically advanced as the Service-to-Others and the reason is simple - lack of cooperation. Those in the Service-to-Self attend to their tasks because they must, have been ordered to, and would be punished or killed if found doing otherwise.

Evidence of the technological superiority of the Service-to-Others is found in the residential arrangements made by the two orientations in your Solar System. The Service-to-Others are in 3rd Density only on the Earth's land surface, where they are actively at work conducting visitations. Otherwise, the Service-to-Others reside in 4th Density, invisible to humans in 3rd Density, in a network of homes under the Earth's sea or on the surface of Mars. Those in the Service-to-Self, however, remain in 3rd Density, even when on the dark side of the Moon and on Earth's dead twin, where they can't be seen by humans. Where 4th Density is more comfortable, they stay in 3rd Density due to density shifting dangers, which the Service-to-Others handle well and the Service-to-Self bungle. They kill and maim themselves, so are forbidden to shift by their masters who care not for their complaints or comfort.

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