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ZetaTalk: Secession
Note: written May 15, 1996.

Hearing that the Earth's Transformation is being administered by the Council of Worlds, those humans with isolationist tendencies often object. Can't they secede? The answer is a simple no, as all lifebearing worlds in this part of the Universe are administered by the Council, whose ability to administer in the manner it does is only possible because its authority is without contradiction. Is this not a dictatorship? Yes, but one that is benign, run by wise and massive elected entities staunchly in the Service-to-Others orientation, who continuously poll those they administer as to their opinions. After 3rd Density, entities are allowed to travel, and a world off limits to the Council's administration would, as one might imagine, be a continuous battleground. Those in the Service-to-Self orientation, who are restrained much against their wishes by the many perimeters the Council places around them, would see a seceding world as a freeport, and have no rest in attempting to secure this prize.

Those humans who wish for their unfettered 3rd Density existence to never end will get their wish, as they won't graduate to 4th Density until they feel otherwise. Those humans who want their world to continue, with the Earth as it is now, the strong ruling the weak, the rich commanding the poor, and every man able to make his own laws in his castle, or so they hope, can have this existence, though on a planet other than the Earth, which in any case is not under human control.

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