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ZetaTalk: Karmic Justice
Note: written Apr 15, 1996.

Where karma on a personal level does not pass from one life time to another, it could be said that karma between intelligent species does exist, in the same manner that a type of karma exists between nations or social groups on Earth. Look to the American Negro, who long after their emancipation as slaves are still exacting karmic justice from their white overlords. Look to the economic rights America grants to Japan, whom they dropped the bomb upon. This type of karma occurs because it is written in the conscience of those who enact it, not because it is imposed from without. A type of karma between intelligent species from different worlds may reflect this kind of regret or concern, but may also be imposed by the Council of Worlds.

An example is ourselves, who ruined our home planet, making it unlivable for surface habitation, and who are now here trying to prevent the same situation from occurring on Earth. We do this voluntarily, but were selected to participate as genetic engineers on the hybrid program in part because we mourn for our planet and thus are expected to be highly motivated to assist our human contacts in their efforts to prevent a similar tragedy on Earth.

However, beyond this type of voluntary karmic justice, there is no karma enforcement. Alien groups that harm each other, purposefully or accidentally, proceed based on their orientation, not because they are ordered to do so or in essence cursed in some way by some court on high. If of the Service-to-Others orientation, their regret may take many forms but will surely be expressed, in all likelihood as assistance. If of the Service-to-Self orientation not a backwards glance will be cast. We should point out that in these interactions the Service-to-Others and Service-to-Self groups are affecting each other, unless they have engaged within the strictures imposed by the Rules of Engagement. Karma, therefore, exists as a voluntary action only, from the heart.

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