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ZetaTalk: Exploration Limits
Note: written Apr 15, 1996. Planet X and the 12th Planet are one and the same.

Man has just recently, within the past century, launched into the space age, sending astronauts to the Moon and probes to the outer and inner reaches of the Solar System. The giant hominoids from your Solar System's 12th Planet progressed beyond this point, having established mining operations on various planets or moons within your Solar System, and shuttling to meet their home, the 12th Planet, when it periodically made a passage. What, therefore are the exploration limits on 3rd Density species, who are considered too spiritually immature to leave the play pen. Does this play pen have bounds? In general, entities in 3rd Density are allowed unlimited exploration within their solar system. Where more than one planet in the solar system is inhabited by an intelligent species, and an imbalance of power arises between these species, restrictions in the form of a quarantine may result. For instance, if one planet's intelligent species were dexterous, such as man, and another planet, being a water planet, had an intelligent species that had only fins and tentacles, an imbalance of power would exist. The dexterous species could enslave or exterminate the hapless water creatures.

Given man's violent nature, is the human race at the point of a quarantine? In fact, a quarantine already exists, though man is quite unaware of it. His recent difficulties with his space program are not all accidents, although the incidents that caused death or endangerment to astronauts or technicians in the past have all been man-made. Man will not be allowed to travel to those parts of the Solar System where they would be liable to encounter their old slave masters, the giant hominoids from the 12th Planet. The reasons lie not in the small bands that in all likelihood would exchange information and might even become friends. It is the message that would be brought back to Earth that is the sticking point. The Earth has a long memory of having been enslaved in the past by these giant hominoids, who were quarantined from the Earth for upsetting the balance of another 3rd Density species existence. Going into the Transformation, Earthlings are not to be alarmed by this palpably real threat, as this would increase fear and anxiety inordinately.

Man, therefore, is being quarantined for his own good. Were it not for this conflict, he would be allowed free range throughout his Solar System, which given his limited intelligence would in any case be the bounds of his play pen.

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