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ZetaTalk: Intervention
Note: written Apr 15, 1996.

Humans so often look to others beyond themselves for salvation that they can scarcely imagine a situation where the Earth would not be rescued by what has been termed their benign space brothers if the chips were truly down. Perhaps man has been allowed to tinker with nuclear bombs and global warming only because the situation is not yet dire. Like children playing near the edge of a cliff, they have been issued warnings, but should they start to go over the edge, intervention would arrive. Such is often the case in human affairs, and is routinely the rule. Young children should not be allowed to play in traffic, although on occasion this happens by accident or oversight and death or injury occur. The rule, however, is that intervention should occur. Even adults anticipate rescue. Bank failures see the steadying hand of the Fed, worthless stock the oversight of the SEC, reckless driving the flashing lights of a patrol car, and a call to 911 the swift arrival of numerous and varied rescue vehicles.

Would not the Council of Worlds intervene if the Earth, the subject of such caring concern by so many alien groups, were to be on the edge of ruin and devastation? The short answer is no. Look to Mars, now freezing solid but once a life-bearing planet. Mars was ruined by the hominoid visitors from the 12th Planet, who were allowed to do so as they too were native to your Solar System. Look to the manner that we, the Zetas, ruined our planet when in 3rd Density. We were driven underground, having made the surface poisonous. Should we have died out entirely we would have been transplanted to another world, albeit in a capacity where we would not have the capacity to destroy a second world. Look to your Bigfoot, who wander about in a primitive state, but who are also in a 3rd Density state as yourselves. They are transplants from another world, but lack the capacity to poison or otherwise destroy the world they now live on. The entities incarnating Bigfoot requested this situation, having viewed with horror the results of their handiwork.

As we have repeatedly stated, the Earth is in the hands of humans at the current moment, and as such humans could utterly destroy her - and none would intervene.

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