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ZetaTalk: Healings
Note: written Mar 15, 1996.

On occasion countactees will recall a visitation for the sole purpose of what is termed a healing - fevers disappear, injuries mend so rapidly that doctors in attendance doubt their x-rays, and tumors seem to melt away. Under what circumstances does this occur? As aliens visiting Earth cannot interfere with what is termed the human setting, they cannot arbitrarily step in and fix up humans who just happen to be their contactees, playing favorites as it were. Humans are in charge of the Earth at this time, and humans most certainly are in charge of their own lives. Thus the human setting is a combination of natural conditions, self imposed circumstances, and the results of actions or interactions with other humans - a spiritual schoolhouse.

However, there are rare exceptions to the Rule of Non-Interference, primarily where a contactee has chosen and embarked upon a role for themselves that is deemed important for the Earth's Transformation. Such contactees are not the ones choosing pleasant activities that will bring applause and comfortable living. Quite the opposite is the case, as contactees given a healing are characterized by having chosen roles that place them in danger, result in humiliation and loss, require them to be extraordinarily steadfast and long suffering, and if anything shatter, rather than build their lives. These contactees challenge the establishment, promote democracy in the face of tyranny, declare free thinking in the face of ridicule, or pull up stakes to prepare for leadership roles during the coming cataclysms. The roles they have embarked on have great impact, and ill health is an unnecessary distraction.

Healing a contactee is not an arbitrary decision, but is one taken to the Council of Worlds in all cases. A healing is never done because a contactee simply desires it or because someone gives The Call with this in mind. In some rare instances a healing is done because a human begs for another to be healed, where this call is given from a good heart and not for self interest. These calls are characterized by a desire to help another to the level where the contactee would put themselves in the injured or sick person's place. Take me instead, they cry. Such healings, likewise done only after having been taken to the Council, are done to solidify the Service-to-Other orientation of the entity incarnated as the human giving The Call. In a 4th Density Service-to-Other environment their feelings would translate to action, and they are, in essence, operating in the 4th Density Service-to-Other orientation spiritually, if not physically.

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