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ZetaTalk: Escape Routes
Note: written Oct 15, 1995.

The Rule of Non-Interference is quite clear on the cataclysms. The only humans who can be assisted in their survival efforts are those firmly in the Service-to-Others. This exception is due to the spiritual focus the inhabitants of the Earth have chosen for her future. The Earth is to be a home for entities in the Service-to-Others during 4th Density, and thus those humans who are operating in the Service-to-Others orientation are considered, essentially, in our camp.

What does this mean for the others, who are in the majority, or for any elite groups who may try to strike a deal? Essentially it means that any promises that have been made to the contrary are false, and they have been lied to. Will not the agreements that various alien groups have with the government hold and cover this contingency? No. Our own agreements are quite clear on this point. All our resources are going to be used assisting Service-to-Others humans as they will allow us to. Each individual is being judged on the basis of the orientation they are currently operating in. No group deals. No special favors. In regard to the Service-to-Self groups, who perpetually promise what they have no intention of delivering, they make these promises to maximize the misery of the disappointed. Their way of insuring a conquest so that their recruits will be utterly focused on the self during their last moments - pointed in the right direction.

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