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ZetaTalk: Pace of Change
Note: written Sep 15, 1995.

During Transformations, several issues are paramount in importance. The Council of Worlds, who oversees the Awakening, must first determine the spiritual orientation of the transforming world. This is determined based on polling the entities that emerged on the world scheduled for harvest. Next, having made this determination, the Council decides what type of intelligent species will serve as physical bodies during incarnations. This determination waits on the determination as to orientation, as entities in the Service-to-Self and Service-to-Others have different requirements. For instance, the Service-to-Self want little telepathy and the Service-to-Others can't get enough. Next, and last, the schedule is determined.

The Transformation, and the Awakening that precede it, is paced to be in sync and accordance with the prior two determinations. For the Earth, this means that the Awakening cannot proceed too fast, so as to tilt the spiritual orientation mix toward the Service-to-Self. Fear and anxiety so tilt this mix, as the fearful and anxious seldom think of others, so the Awakening is paced so as not to heighten these emotions. The Transformation is not dependent on the Awakening, however, but is rather dependent on the spiritual mix of the entities incarnated or awaiting incarnation on Earth. When this reaches approximately 89% operating in the Service-to-Others orientation, the Transformation to 4th Density, in the physical sense, will occur. The Transformation to spiritual 4th Density, in effect, has already occurred by that time.

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