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ZetaTalk: Earth is a Member
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995.

The Earth is already in the Council of Worlds, and some humans are already participating. As with the Earth's awakening to the presence of intelligent entities from elsewhere in the Universe, the Earth is moving forward piecemeal. The humans who are already representing the Earth at the Council of Worlds are not known to the governments of the Earth. The governments of the Earth, in the main, do not represent the people they govern. The governments primarily represent special interests, those who rule, or those who are power hungry. The humans who represent Earth, or the human point of view, are those who are spiritually mature, either in Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others.

Not all humans who are now spiritually mature enough to be considered operating in the 4th Density are involved in conversations with the Council of Worlds. This is a decision made by them, the humans, not by us, the Zetas or any other alien group. These personal decisions made by humans may not be ones they are consciously aware of. Needless to say, as the Earth is destined to become a home for Service-to-Others entities quite soon, the Service-to-Self entities, of which there are few, have no say in determinations about the future of the Earth. The Service-to-Self entities represent themselves, only, and in essence make complaints and pleas that fall upon deaf ears.

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