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ZetaTalk: Council Charter
Note: written Aug 15, 1995.

From the standpoint of humans in 3rd Density, the Council's charter is to keep the two spiritual orientations of the visitors apart, except under carefully structured and fully monitored engagements, and to ensure that the free will of man not be abridged. This is all easier than it sounds, as the task is accomplished simply by preventing contact - by building walls. These walls are not of a physical substance, but have an effect on physical matter as well as spiritual matter. We, the Zetas, cannot tell you the mechanism, not because the rules forbid it but because we do not know. We can only tell you what this feels like. It is a benign cushion, through which one cannot pass, and which is more like a pillow on impact than a brick wall. Ships pointed past the point of no passage find themselves at the wall, as though all the computations guiding the leap through time and space had been reset. The blockade is utterly effective yet gentle, leaving no damage except, perhaps, wounded pride.

If the Council's charter for 3rd and 4th Density is to act like a school yard monitor and keep the children from interfering with each other during their lessons, their guiding principles appear to be gentle restraint, and their goals providing an unfettered environment for spiritual growth. In this the Council does not act as a teacher, but rather allows the children full access to their environment - a stimulating classroom. If any teaching is to be done, the children teach each other, but primarily this is all a self education process. Even tasks such as those done by the Birthing Envoys, who are primarily in 4th Density but are overseen by entities in higher densities, are not monitored by the Council. Are there other such Councils in other parts of the Universe? We can only assume so, having never been outside the range of the Council.

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